Ice cream vans in Deeside

At Deeside Creameries we are a family firm with a long tradition of making and enjoying ice cream and of offering our ice cream to the people of Deeside and visitors alike.
An ice cream van can always add that much needed touch to every event, especially when it's a lovely summers day. Our fleet of brand new ice cream vans are available for all types of events, and our competitive prices means that no one will go without a delicious ice cream!

Our services include:

  • Private hire of our ice cream vans at a range of events
  • Friendly and professional drivers
  • Clean and new ice cream vans
  • Competitive prices
  • Name brand products as well as our own ice cream
  • Batch supply to local shops of our own ice cream and name brand products

Events that our ice cream vans can attend include:

  • School fetes
  • Large private parties
  • Football matches and tournaments
  • Charity events
  • Fundraisers
  • School events
  • Fairs
  • Concerts
We supply our ice cream, and our name branded ice cream to local shops in the Deeside area.
Ice cream - Deeside, Clwyd - Deeside Creameries - Ice cream van
To hire our ice cream vans or to stock up on ice cream for your shop, call us on
01244 830 103
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